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Get more income from your savings by using our income maximizer

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We will calculate the best combination of savings accounts and certificates of deposits that maximize your income, while allowing you to withdraw money without penalty


We'll help you choose which institutions give you the best interest rate and monitor them so you'll maximizing income

Technology-Driven Magic

5 minutes of planning can help generate thousands of dollars of extra income from your retirement assets.

First, we identify your savings and spending needs. Next, we analyze which combination of savings accounts and certificates of deposits give you the highest rate, while allowing you to withdraw money as you need it. Next we alert you when your deposits are about to mature so you can keep maximizing your income.

Case Study

A newly retired couple has $200,000 dollars sitting in a savings account at their bank that returns 0.10%

Warren analyzed their past and future spending needs and determined that they could afford to lock up $150,000 for one year, $120,000 for two years, and $100,000 for three years.

Warren helped them find the highest 3 year rate for a CD on $100,000, the highest 2 year rate on a CD for $20,000 and the highest 1 year rate on a CD for $30,000. The remaining $50,000 was put into the highest yielding savings account available. Warren managed the whole process and showed the couple their savings in one aggregated dashboard. The couple generated an extra $5,000 a year in income from 5 minutes of work, while not risking any of their money.


Typical Savings Account Yearly Income


Optimized Yearly Income from Warren

Adviser Friendly

Your might already have a financial adviser, or might be an adviser yourself. In either case, Warren can help.

If you are already advised, ask your adviser whether you stand to benefit from cash optimization beyond the conventional wisdom used to turn your assets into income.

If you are an adviser, we can help you better serve your client. Creating a customized cash management strategy for each of your retired clients is challenging and time consuming. Warren helps you deliver this value to your clients, while allowing you to outsource most of the details.

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